Can i use weed in my tea or juice?

Can I make tea or juice with Cannabis?

This is a common question that many people have in regards to Cannabis since not everyone wants to smoke a joint or have an edible and go on a journey (Always take recommended doses and consult a professional before taking psychoactive supplements). Luckily, there are parts of the plant that do not cause the body to react in the same way as smoking or ingesting cannabis products. Since THC has to be activated before being processed by the brain or liver, eating raw cannabis leaves or buds will not have the same effect as consuming THC infused products.

The larger portion of the medical and psychoactive benefits of cannabis can be found within the cola which covers the calyxes with a crystal resin. Fortunately for you, tea and juice fans, there are some vital cannabinoids and acids that are found in the fan leaves which give them some therapeutic value but not a considerate amount to cause psychoactive effects.

So if you want to use Cannabis in its raw form, go ahead and toss some in with your favorite juice recipe and enjoy the raw unprocessed power of the cannabis plant. For the tea fans, it can be used by drying out the leaves and making a tea which is said to provide a relaxing feeling but is not due to THC or CBD as these chemicals are fat soluble and require something like coconut oil in order to be extracted effectively.

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