History of Cannabis

This wonderful flower has been known of for at least 7,000 years. If you don’t believe us ask the vikings who sailed the seas well before our well known spanish conquistadores. Or even ancient china men, who happen to be the earliest to document its uses. More often than not in those days this beautiful plant was used more as a material rather than a psychoactive, or medical remedy. Bringing goods such as cloth, ropes, and even building cements when mixed with the right fluid and compost.

Even though the first users primarily used cannabis material (hemp) they did still indulge in the other uses of the cannabis plants. As early as 2737 BCE Chinese emperor Shen Neng would give it as tea, using it as a medical aid to help fight diseases like malaria or rheumatism. Not long after that, It began to be used for things like food as well as a common cloth, as was stated before. Also as settlers travel, and set on quests to view the world they discover things to share with their communities back home. Thus we have high volumes of rope weaved of Hemp found in Southern Russia, and also Greece between 600 – 200 BCE.

The Greeks and Russian people were not the only ones who sought out for cannabis after they discovered it. This is so much the case the in the 1500’s English King Henry VIII would actually fine farmers for not producing hemp. Well before that time, we could trace back pharmacopoeias in the east that focused primarily on Cannabis as Medicine. Take it back to more recent days,in the 1800-1990’s, the United States had medical cannabis at your corner pharmacy . It was not until recently that Cannabis was viewed as a problem. In fact, it was very shortly after making the discovery that hemp could produce 4x the amount of paper than trees would.

Once we learned that hemp was more valuable than trees for paper, it threatened many lumber companies. This caused a flurry of issues for the people running the game, but that was not all. The next being the fact that prohibition in 1933 for alcohol made cannabis very popular. After this, there was a lot of recreational use of cannabis so anti marijuana propaganda started to pop up. In addition, the United States prohibited cannabis almost immediately following the repealment of the 21st Amendment (which prohibited alcohol). In It’s racist youth, America found it easy to prohibit the use of a plant that had immense healing affect by tricking the general population. They did this by telling them that it was a sign of illegal immigration and unlevel mindedness because “Brown people” use it after crossing the border. What is worse is that most people believed that.

After continually fighting the federal government as they protect their industries, in 1996 California was the first to bring cannabis back to the medical industry. Shortly after that, there were select states that followed their lead such as Alaska, Oregon, and Maine. However, federal restrictions posed large difficulties for immediate implementation. Even by winning state ballot votes to pass for Medical use, the federal ban would still cause the DEA to steal crops and livelihood from the farmers and land workers who produced it. Now nearly twenty years later, we are finally seeing more protections to the states that allow recreational, and medical. This is due to the fact that now there on only three states that will not allow cannabis use, being, North and South Dakota, in addition to Idaho. With our great country accepting our natural healer, we are more free to express our appreciation of the powerful flower. It is a good time to be alive.


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